Social Reformer

Jagadesh has been involved with politics over 9 years, In addition to being an active politician.

Jagadesh is also a volunteer at many organizations. He dedicated over 32 hours of his time each week to literacy initiative and programs run by many social service organizations.

Our country is still suffering from many social evils like communal-ism, untouchability, superstitions, dowry, drinking, etc. Lavish lifestyle, discrimination against women and large families are the other evils. It is high time that we remove all these evils. In so far as social evils are concerned, the Government cannot do much. At best, it can pass laws. It is, therefore, up to the people themselves to give up these evils for good.

Participated Protests

  • 2008 and 2009 Major protest against Sri Lankan Civil war ended in 18 May 2009.
  • Protest against ‘Killing’ of Prabhakaran.
  • Protest against kaveri delta coal-bed methane extraction project (November 10,2016 project has been withdrawn).
  • Protest have broken across Tamil nadu against government run the Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporating (TASMAC) liquor shops.
  • Protests against ban on Jallikattu & Requsted to ban PETA.
  • The 2013 Anti–Sri Lanka protests are a series of student protests and agitations initiated by the Students Federation for Freedom of Tamil Eelam in Tamil Nadu, India, against war crimes committed against Sri Lankan Tamil people by Sri Lankan army during the Eelam War IV. The protesters demanded that the Government of India vote in support of a United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution censuring the Government of Sri Lanka for war crimes.Some radical groups even demanded the prosecution of the President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse for his role in the alleged genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils.
  • protest against Hydro carbon project with villagers of Tamilnadu in neduvasal pudukkottai.
  • And He involved himself in the process of destroy the seema karuvelam Tree to save environment and protect Nature&people

Civic Leader – Political Statements

  • Design and develop community programs to advance local communities.
  • Create community activities to promote entertainment and well being while celebrating local events.
  • Analyze and identify opportunities to save costs for local utilities and services.
  • Negotiate contracts with local city merchants, vendors and utility companies.
  • Develop strategies to increase business and economic activity and fill business leases to capacity.
  • Lead projects to revitalize, renovate and restore old businesses in order to increase lease values.
  • Create new opportunities for businesses to participate in marketing programs to increase out of area economic activity.

I am following my heart and intuition

I am proud of myself

I am making a difference

I am happy and grateful

I am growing into the best version of me

I am making my time count

I am honest with myself

I am good to those I care about

I know what unconditional love feels like

I have forgiven those who once hurt me

I take full accountability for my life

I have no regrets